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Grip Chelsea Lo Black


[Grip Chelsea Lo]

緩やかな傾斜の厚底のNew Sole”Grip”。


UNITED NUDEを象徴するロゴがアクセントに。


HEEL HIGTH: :75 ㎜ / platform 60㎜

MATERIAL UPPER: 70% Tumbled Leather + 30% Elastic

OUTSOLE:Rubber 100%



35:22.5cm 36:23-23.5cm 37:23.5-24cm 38:24-24.5cm 39:24.5-25cm

40:25-25.5㎝ 41:25.5-26㎝



※皮革製品を使用した製品に関するご注意 皮革は摩擦等により表裏ともに色移りします。淡色の衣服等をご着用の際はご注意ください。

スエードなどは起毛素材の性質上、色落ちや毛落ちが避けられませんのでご理解ください。 お手入れの際には、皮革の素材に合った専用クリーナーをご使用ください。




* Since the listed products are also sold at the store, some products may be sold out due to a time lag.

Please note that we may cancel your order after you place your order.

* The product image is taken as a sample, so the color and specifications may change.

* Notes on products using leather products

The color of the leather will transfer on both the front and back due to friction.  Please be careful when wearing light-colored clothing.

Please understand that due to the nature of the brushed material, suede and the like cannot avoid discoloration and hair loss.

When cleaning, please use a special cleaner that matches the material of the leather.

To clean the brushed leather, use a brush exclusively for brushed leather.

* Products using natural materials have some scratches, stains, and wrinkles.

The characteristic of leather is that each one has a different expression.

Please understand and enjoy the texture and feel of leather.



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